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Enjoy VIP early access to our brand new ranges and other exclusive app only discounts. Whoever said nothing good comes for free, clearly hasn’t downloaded our app!

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fresh AF

makin’ sure you’re head-to-toe slayin’ is our #1 priority, sis! with new styles droppin’ daily, our app will make sure you’ve always got fresh fashion at your manicured fingertips. you’ll also have access to new offers the second they land...there’s no better use of your data, hun!

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showbiz stylin’

time to tap out of tinder and swap f*ckboys for famous faces. we’ve got exclusive celeb ranges ready for you to shop on the go! get charlotte crosby stylin’ you at the bus stop while pia mia re-works your wardrobe from the back of the classroom. no other app can do that, gal!

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u wish babe

got your eye on some garms but no dolla to holla? add it to your wisthlist, babe! there’s nothin’ better than savin’ your faves while on the move so they're ready to cop later. now you can never miss an opp to shop!

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